Why is Apple fear of developers?


If you are interested in technical news or not; He must have heard or read about Apple’s problems with developers. As the crisis strengthened significantly, to the extent that criticism came to him, even from their closest competitors, where Microsoft criticized his monopoly counterpart on the App Store.

Apple to fully control your application store, including finding available programs and not available there and the company can argue that require such stringent control of the application process to ensure the best user problems and prevent applications that are harmful or offensive as they confirm.

Where is the problem?

Apple has faced a significant opposition from major developers, both because it pays some purchase taxes in the application, and because it pays 15% commission to U200B U200B30% in some purchases in the application. At the same time, preventing developers from increasing external payment papers to avoid paying deductible.

Government fees and the media have begun to relieve Apple’s monopoly methods and other important technical companies and the company has also been debited by the European Union, the last what was the case with the electronic communications monopoly on the monopoly of the application store. This issue caused more complaints and concluded that the Cydia application store requires its monopoly on the download of applications for their public store.

European Spotify Music Company has also submitted a lawsuit with the European Union and accusing apples from competitive behavior by cutting subscriptions within the application. As a result, spotify additional charges to customers.

Pesparag decomposar strict Apple Controls

but the most interesting story began on Twitter with a series of tweets that David Heinemeyer Hanson did, founder Basecamp, where he rejected the problems of small developers with Apple and the effects of Apple’s strict controls in small. Contractor

Peckamp had found the same problem to start the new e-mail program, but Apple’s shocking policy prevents this payment application. According to an agreement between Apple and Biscamp, Hey Email Application Cobra $ 99 annually. Shortly after its beginnings, Biscamp tried to send an update to solve some errors in the application, but received Apple Email by rejecting the update and announced that it violates the rules because it violates the acquisition system in Apple’s application, which it will increase automatically The ratio of 15% to U200B U200B30%. It can be eliminated.

Answer Biscamps took place in a letter explaining that the problem is not only associated with the Union that Apple proposes developers, but in its interference associated with the developer and its customers. After that, the problem was solved between two companies with mutual consent.

By avoiding Apple’s law, the elimination of the company

Epic Games, which develops a fortnite game, which is possibly one of the most popular games in the world, tried to avoid the payment system in Apple’s application when you choose to buy currency in the game at a lower price. This Elu of Apple costs him a lot, then eliminates the company’s account in the App Store.

Fortnite launched a series of twitter on Twitter with hashtag #Feefortnite. The funny is that the company launched video on YouTube called NineTeen Twenty Fortnita, which was taken from Apple’s famous announcement in 1984 in a clear proposal for Apple’s older brother. Control everything.

Fortnite is one of the highest applications in the App Store, earning $ 455 million in 2018.

The story has the difference between the restopple with Spotify, Telegram, Biscamp and Fortnite, everyone is derived from fear of competition, and even rejected application Facebook games for games so as not to influence your service for Apple Arcade Games. This indicates that we will witness more than these similar stories, and maybe no one can stop them or limit their seriousness.

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