Zain Saudi Arabia starts the GeForce now beta in conjunction with Nvidia to develop the experience of electronic games in the kingdom


Zain Saudi Arabia has announced its partnership with NVIDIA, leading electronic computer games, to initiate Beta GeForce for the cloud game, only on the 5G network of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

GeForce is now Cloud Game Platform, who sends out many games on the computer in the most famous digital playgrounds and includes Steam, Epic Games Store and soon Gog. COM, which provides players ease of enjoying them with various tools, without the need for special support equipment. In addition, it offers video game enthusiasts more than 300 games that can be played on several devices from anywhere and without having to download them, as well as self-update functionality and unlimited storage.

And cloud games users to run and store remote games on personal servers and disseminate them directly on their devices without the need for advanced or very effective devices.

Commenting on this partnership, Rayan Bin Abdullah Al-Turki, Director of Communications in Zain Saudi Arabia, said: “Zain, we are always pleased to meet the needs of the digital generation here in the state, as much more than what is considered advanced Generation and is using the latest innovative and modern technology in the world. Electronic Sports; As the only state houses more than 5. 8 million users of electronic games. With continued growth in this field, it is assumed that the ratio of users go from 13. 4 % in 2020 to 17. 5% in 2025. This co-operation is a great opportunity for this generation, because it provides new high content materials. -Peed Internet, Ultra-sick latency and capabilities. Ultra through fibers, which will provide new experiences in through the fifth generation. Our efforts to support electronic games has been obvious from the beginning launched our fifth generation network because we have supported the National Assessions of Esports. In Zain we are committed to continue improving experience of electronic games by providing unique and innovative services. ”
Al-Turki emphasizes the characteristics of this agreement and its benefits for all users of all ages and groups, said: “With this unique service, Zain Saudi Arabia integrates the latest technology with the best materials and easiest access anywhere and in any device, such as Geforce Is now an integrated digital experience that will reformulate the concept of video games by offering a unique gaming experience that needs no tools, storage or advanced processing.

These promising partnerships complete the vision of Zain Saudi Arabia to stay at the forefront of the Saudi digital transformation journey by providing the latest technology to all segments of a society in the kingdom that contributes to achieving the objects of The 2030th vision of the kingdom, which ensures the enrichment of the recreational sector and the quality of life for everyone.

It is noteworthy that the company contributed to qualitative investments in the development of the fifth generation network (5G), because Zain Saudi Arabia became the first to spread the fifth generic services at the level of all regions of the kingdom, which 50 is. Cities by more than 4. 700 towers. The fifth generation (5G) network of “Zain Saudi Arabia” is characterized by a modern infrastructure, which is constantly investing in the development and expansion, and the map is updated weekly on site. Zain Saudi Arabia is also the first telecommunications operator in the world to provide 5G frequency integration, which allow internet speeds to reach 2 4 gigabits per second.

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