The Dilemma of Truth … The Scottish Wikipedia

The Dilemma of Truth ... The Scottish Wikipedia


The researchers have long criticized Wikipedia and its “Group Edition” operating mode. It gives someone the opportunity to change goods, making Encyclopedia free a double-edged sword. Assuming good faith, so everyone mentioned on Wikipedia is true and nothing wrong with it. But this mentality is the mentality of 90s, who have experienced the beginning of internet, so we thought the internet was a place of educated, honest, oh, how we were naive.

I remember a sentence that appeared in a famous cartoon from Peter Steiner in 1993. The comic book of new Yorker describes two dogs, one of which is located in front of a computer screen and said to the other dog when you are online, no We don’t know you’re a dog. ”

I think this sentence was a mockery of the misleading internet phenomenon, who was “the phenomenon” on the Internet in the 1990s and in the beginning of 2000s, and how others can claim “the opposite” of it , they are on the internet.

We can understand this phrase in a new context that is suitable for our current era because the Hubbuben has increased after the release of restrriktionerne in desktop computers, and it has been accompanied by yourself while on the chair in the room bath And think we lived in the era “after the truth” because everything is subject to counterfeiting and manufacturing.

Let’s go back to Wikipedia, why are I mentioned in the beginning of nicle?

A popular Reddit Forum has discovered that the Scottish version of Wikipedia has changed and managed by a person “who does not speak Scottish”. For seven years, this person wrote more than 23,00 articles in English “distorted” by trying to mimic the Scottish language that has a grammar different from English.

Perhaps what this person, who turned out to be American, made his diligence with a love of the culture and the Scottish language, but the damage caused by this work is much bigger. According to the Scots, these elements give a bad view of the language and show it as a distorted version of English. You can imagine, dear reader, that the Arab version of Wikipedia is managed by people who love Arabic and live among the Arabs, but do not know the language, except for some words, and do not know their grammar, this is exactly what happened. With the Scottish version of Wikipedia, represented a culture and managed by a person who does not belong to him.

This news traveled many people’s anger (especially the Scots), and some asked the closure of Wikipedia’s Scottish version, and someone called to re-focus on the road by participating in editing it again, and this person was also exposed. Much harassment through the internet, which is expected, I do not know if there is an official Wikipedia file.

Imagine a person ran a page that represented the culture of a large group of people and did not belong to them? Let me repeat it as “a person”. Measure for the rest of the encyclopedia. And then the internet.

There are several problems that arise from such behavior. The Scottish version of Wikipedia will represent a highly distorted range of data from the original language, and the importance of this lies in the training of artificial intelligence. How many researchers lie to Wikipedia pages in several languages to train artificial intelligence to translate words and understand the language, but when the sample is “corrupt”, you can imagine the catastrophic result that will result.

This story led me to think about “what is true” in the internet era. Until recently, the world definitely believed that Scottish Wikipedia represents the Scots, which numbered more than 5 million, but it turns out that there is a person living in the United States.

This story takes me to one of my constant obsessions, which is “who will tell my story now?”

At a time when it’s easy for everyone, for anyone who composes false information about you, many of us chairs on platforms that are easy to manipulate to represent our digital identity, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Perhaps the safest option today has a personal site that you drive, and this will enter a new Byzantine debate. Who can guarantee that this site is the original Thamud page? Who drives the servers?

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