Upcoming changes in the Podcast market


In the last few months a lot of things made a lot of the lots of confusion and the podcast world.

The same agreement, the incimination began, the Gunglet, the Gunglet, to buy media to count the agreement over 200 million dollars. GML founded between Alexbloach in 2014 in 2014. She is a friendalialist who works to the new reference that is regarded for the production of many caring. The jalet is focusin to produce high-quality high character languages and Audio series, one of the people is lager Julie Roeds, start home.

The Gamet Agreement has been followed by some other agreement that raises the position of the corntentation in the market of the podcast. Is the anchor treaty. It’s a free hosting service similar to YouTube the free hosting for everyone who are the world entered the world of podcasting. The same one’s assets are also taking advantage of people to take advantage of their pods and new lacers (even if this is limited the united states.

Thus that spit the reverse shows the subscription and offering the pondery measures and an exhibitcial re-region and same cultural information with the three-mass supplies the 10 seven.

US, populated comic and podcastre joe Ravan is very to the end of this year. In if you don’t matter, rvan and its popular discussion podcast are a few of those nicked. And podcast episodes on YouTube get millions of views. The ropan deals with it to reach 100 million dollars, spread 3 years.

The war against podcasts is still in its infancy, but spotify is clear to show the ideal place to consume the highlight being content to consume, and I have not many deals, but I referred Spotify konsolidéieren their position on this market.

The voice:

The new battlefields are running and social networks to steal your focus as you sit at home or the wait room. But most firms like youtube, twitter, and netflix, you need to sit and get your full focus on the screen. In case of Podcets, you only have to go to individual concise resumes that you can do “or train:” Zending “As existing thing” The projectbick is like “Duke of the businesses.

There are very few companies that can enter the podcast space and compete with Spotify in it, and the first is Apple. Apple literally helped the podcast by supporting it for many years of its systems and mobile phones.

But the company was glad that it was only a guide and arena for discovered more than just a producer of content, but the launch of the Apple TV Plus service last year has shown that the company did not seek to experiment with producing high quality content, and I think that The podcast is very suitable for Apple, as it becomes cheaper than producing movies and series, plus, the company can use it as a device for Apple music.

The other two companies I think could come into this field is Netflix and Amazon

Netflix has a strong content of production and has previously produced podcasts about its series, and the idea of having a podcast section in the Netflix program in a smartphone makes a lot of sense, so when you have stopped watching an episode of the Ozarks series, you can Listen to the director to talk about the episode you have just looked at it and he mentions some details that can make you look at the episode again to confirm these details, and such things can improve the league in subscriber to the content and make him Continue subscribe because he gets an integrated experience.

The second most probability of entering the podcast market is Amazon. In addition to producing many series and movies, Amazon can be heard, which is the most popular service for audio books. Many original programs for subscribers for the service are produced, but the service does not promote many good programs, so that when I write this article, I have discovered many sections that offer many free drawing programs, all because of the poor design of the application. and the evil interface.

How about Google? I don’t think Google can offer something in the content area. Even their experiences of production of it, like Youtube Originals, there is nothing more than an experiment, and try to pacify the famous people on the platform so that they do not leave them, so I do not see Google as a competitor in this field they are excellent On construction tools, infrastructures and platforms, but they fail to produce content.

The next period will testify to many changes in the world of the podcastern, and it is so worse that the podcast will change from opening to publishing to publishing in connection with platforms, similar to what happens in Netflix and others, and I can write about it in a later time.

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