The Chinese Way To Profit From Games


I think if we wanted to learn how to offer creative ideas to make money online, the Chinese market can be one of the most important places we can learn. But the story of this article does not start in China, but rather in Japan and Nintendo in particular.

The popular Nintendo game Animal Cross was released at the end of March on a switch, which has sold more than five million digital copies since the release. These numbers made the best-selling match for the month of March 2020 and the best-selling game for a month of all time, the functions exceed the conversation game numbers for the same period.

The animal crossing is a simulation game. Your main job is to maintain the island, and you will control a small character that performs many different tasks, fishing, logging, weeds, construction and decoration of your home, which helps to build important locations and collects various materials.

During the game you need many different resources, such as wood, minerals, fruit, etc. You can easily get some of these resources, and others are rare and expensive, and you may need to visit other islands to get them or switch with others, If you can help via the internet.

If my description bothered you or feels that what I’m talking about, doesn’t sound like a game is worth the hype, you can be right, at least in theory. But if you tried the game – like me – you will feel the joy while doing these tasks, perhaps because Nintendo has designed it in a caricature and a way to love, which is characteristic of many games.

Perhaps the most important element of the game is that it gives you a sense of “life”. The hour in the game is bound at the time it is played, if you play in the morning, the weather is sold and the plants need time to grow and wear fruit, and if you are away from the island. It gets bad and the weeds will spread everywhere and the psychological state of the population will be bad.

Build the game this way means that players must run the game every day (or a few days, depending on your schedule) to ensure that your island problems are arranged and organized, which can be harvested etc.

Now, let’s go to China

The Nintendo switch has been officially published in the Chinese market in December 2019, about two years after the unit has been released around the world. The Chinese version is characterized by changing and playing only allowed games in China. Chinese control over the games is strict, to the point that childish games can be forbidden because they contain ghosts.

These restrictions have not prevented a large part of the game fans in China importing units and games from neighboring countries and regions, such as Japan and Hong Kong. Therefore, when the crossing of the animals was released, many Chinese players could get it, and because it is still not officially sold in China, they could get it from Taobao, which is the greatest commercial place for China (belonging to Alibaba).

No one knows the real sales number of animals in China. But at the beginning of his release, Wechat’s Chinese platform has witnessed a great flood of players’ images that share pictures of their characters and their islands, indicating that there is a base of players in China despite all restrictions and expectations. Do not exclude that the game has sold more than one million copies in the Chinese market, but in a way. unofficial.

Let’s move on to your island.

As I have already mentioned, your island need constant care and development so that the happiness of the island will continue, but the time is a valuable product and it is difficult for some players – as I – to commit to play daily to improve my island.

From this point of view, the Chinese decided to provide their services to the actors of the intersection of animals and at a cost to make a profit !!
If you want to keep your island clean and clean, some players offer this service for rates ranging from $ 2 to $ 9. They will clean the floor, weed and pick up dirt, so your island is clean even if you are far from the.

And if you want separate patterns for your clothes or walls in your home, for example some players give you this service for a fee and you can pay them directly from popular payment services such as Alipay or Wechat, where some of the let us put their Account number as a QR code in front of his home in the game.

Although Nintendo does not provide a purchase and sales system within the game, but Chinese players have been able to utilize the nature of other players and they made it a source of profit revenue, but I do not know the feasibility of these services because they seem to be targeted to A very luxurious class but who knows?

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