Electronics and Children


There is no secret to anyone who lives in the light of this great technological development, so there is almost no vacant house that has somehow exceeded this development.

As is known, this technology is considered a wide door for entertainment and entertainment for many children, but not just that, but also a broader amplitude for the development of educational and communication skills and abilities of these children.

Yes, it can be very difficult in this great technological invasion of children to prevent completely using these electricity technology devices, but it must be some intervention, whether from parents or from the school to the remains of these devices in to control these children, or in other words. “Control of so-called abuse,” I don’t know if you want.

Electronic screens between the advantages and disadvantages:

We also mentioned that these electronic screens are developing and information and communication skills between these children, but despite these different benefits, the problem is not free of some points that will affect these children unhappy ; It usually occurs due to the mischievous use of these electronic devices,

and perhaps the most prominent of these negative points. And not exclusively:

  • The deterioration that can cause these electronic devices in the natural social and emotional development of the child, and the negative effect also on the psychological interaction of this child, in his home or school environment; As isolation or abnormal hyperactivity and other negative.
  • In contrast to what can expect, these electronic devices will reduce the level of intelligence and spirit of innovation in these children, researchers have indicated that ready answers that simply affect the scenes of these devices, affect the emotional development and border of the child . His creativity and thinking skills. Facing and solving problems properly and logically.
  • Limited manual training and skills related to the coordination of vision and movement needed for proper cognitive development in children.
  • Remember to exercise due to the presence of the elements of attraction in these devices; Of games, videos, photos, etc. That negatively affects the physical and social development of these children.
  • Visual problems – as it is now known, which can be caused by a common look at these electronic screens of bad vision and repeated visual stress.
  • Sleep disorders and their following effects, which have unfortunately seen significantly, especially in recent times, such as insomnia, general fatigue, lack of focus, anxiety, tension and other disorders affecting the physical and psychological states.
  • The marked decrease at school level, due to the dependence on the scenes of these electronic devices that became clear, especially according to this continuous technological revolution.
  • Problems that can be caused by radiation and electromagnetic waves published by these devices that have not yet been proven, except caused by long, wrong sessions before the scenes of these devices of muscle experts, it is cervical or dorsal pain.

Programming administrative of technological screens

published in a previous study by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) in which the Academy recommends that children between the ages of two to five years no more than an hour to a day before the scenes of the Exhibitions of screens of screens of screens of these electronic devices, and that these devices are not used for those under the age of two, the Academy also emphasized the importance of control of children at the age of five .

Finally, I say that there are several other factors that will benefit this administrative programming, such as finding interesting alternatives to the child, who can attribute him some responsibility or other factors, so these children do not leave their homes at all . From these electronic screens without being a kind of continuous organization and control they will benefit and benefit, God is ready.

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