Will Intel fall through Arm strip and give up after so many years?


For many years, the name of the computer processors has been associated with Intel, because most people measure the power of the library computers and laptops with an Intel processor, in particular the “Core” category, despite the presence of other transformers, in particular the DMLA , Sometimes we sometimes see more than Intel processors of the same level, but it seems to change in the coming years in the coming years, not only because of the DMLA, but with the presence of arms, making companies manufacturing their processors on the architectures that They develop.

Arm, known as RISG Advanced Machine in the past and was established in Cambridge in 1990, is considered to be one of the most important companies in the field of transformer design and development, but it has undergone many years of the progress of Intel and the lack of approval by the manufacturers of its processors for computer devices, despite the approval by the telephone companies; The most important is Qualcommm with Snapdragon processors, Samsung with Exynos and Huawei processors with Kirin processors.

In previous years, the company has experienced a development on the market market and some companies have adopted transformers based on Armarenchitecture and place them in laptops that support the Chrome operating system from Google and some companies try to enter the snapdragonlicensed processor arm laptops that it Support Windows system. 10 He has light capacities.

Nevertheless, the largest development in the history of Strat was the acquisition by the Softbank Vision Fund, a fund that belongs to Japan’s softbank with the Saudi Fund sovereign wealth. Since then, good news has paid for the company because it designs high-end treatment films for manufacturers.

Intel is confronted with successive strikes from Armit,

the most important news of the period was spent in the poor and perhaps the most important in its history; It is decided to leave the Intel processors and to make transformers for the first time in history, using the design and architecture of the company in the development of Apple Silicon processors, which apple stated better performance for Mac computers Compared to previous processors. He has contributed to the increase in the value of the arm and the light on what it has to offer.

The good news did not stop apple’s announcement, but continued with the top500 announcement about the most powerful “supercomputer” supercomputers in the world, which was the presence of systems and transformers based on the arm. Architecture at the top.

The Fujaku SuperComputer developed by Fujitsu and located in the center of the IT riken in Japan, was able to occupy the point of the most powerful devices in the world because the computer contains a system of 158. 976 processing sheets, each with the A64FX system. and 48 cores to give a bucht ranges of about 415. 5 petataflops with the ability to achieve about 1 xaflop, although there is no graphic processor outside the chips of the CPU.

Fujitsu developed supercomputer during the license to the arm at a cost of $ 1 billion, and it took about 6 years to build, but got the initiative and took it to Japan in the US and China, which led to the production of more powerful supercomputers in recent years.

The embodiment of the Fugaku computer clearly exceeds the computer to Tennessee Summit, the United States, developed by IBM, and was on the initiative with a force of 148. 8 Petaflops. This means that the Japanese Fujitsu computer is 2. 8 times more powerful than the IBM computer.

The good news for the arm is that it has managed to achieve lead despite the presence of 4 supercomputers by its design on the Top500 list. While it was about 340 supercomputers in the list of Intel and AMD processor chips.

Will the arm continue to take more kinds?

Intel faces major challenges in the latest market for AMD processors, but now there is an increased risk with the development of weapons design and the most important companies, which the designs adopted by Apple, to produce their own processors. The screws will be tightened in AMD also in the next period.

And while Qualcomm works on better weapons design processors for laptops, it goes in the company’s favor to scale up to the top gradually. And the rhythm to reach the summit can be accelerated if the companies that Samsung and Huawei adopt the production of special processors based weapons, as with their smartphone processors.

Would this move, if it happened, be a knock ate approximated by a competitor who came from far to take all the lights?
And while Intel returns or all the time at the top after the Kenner’s stroke, most importantly for American users. It is that it is the best technology at affordable prices, regardless of the manufacturer.

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