Works externally: 6 steps to control your time effectively


We all have 24 hours

In theory we all have 24 hours a day, regardless of the geographic region, in which you live, north or south, east or west, you are 24 hours, and it is the only thing that you own and you cannot save for the future so You – for example – except two hours today, so that your day is 26 hours tomorrow, while your current day is just 10 hours? And before I answered ‘no’, let me tell you that some people take care of their companies as if time can be saved until tomorrow, we call “postpone” or delaying tasks to other times or additional tasks in a longer period of time then required To a chaos of time and poor productivity, especially for those who practice an external work with full responsibility to manage their time. As a person, who is far from managing their time effectively and effectively manage the maximum productivity and the ideal balance. between work, peace and leisure?
Before we respond to these questions, we must first understand what time management means.

Time management

management key to reach is the ability of a person to perform his company with the aim of fulfilling different goals within a certain time. If you have completed your goal without timeframe, this does not mean your success. The specified period is 4 years old, and it does not mean that you have entered the worker and send it to the customer, if you have done this after the prescribed period “Deadline”, so in time for each task is a key factor in your Performance and productivity. How can we manage our time?

Top 6 tips to manage your time effectively

far from distractionaccording to the global labor report issued by the “Contempt Group” website, employees spend more than a third of their working hours that browsing daily, and of course the percentages increase the percentages. Case of a far work, where there is no censorship, except for self-censorship, so it is necessary to remain away from all recreational factors. How you can do and receive phone calls, read the news, scroll through the communication sites or other actions that are not important and not necessary and if you need it, you can give time during the day, provided you can do them quickly If the time assigned to them.

Change your goals and priorities.

In his book “Eat that frog”, the American writer says “Brian Tracy” that you have to eat a frog, so do you eat it at the start of your day? And then lose his taste during the day after other meals, or do you want to postpone to the end of the day and it is the last taste in your mouth?! The writer believes that you should use your best times to make the most important priorities and to define your priorities during the day. Import, but not urgent actions such as training to improve your skills, urgent and small actions such as receiving guest. Or participate in a small meeting, and small and small actions that, of course, contain all the recreational factors that we have mentioned above, such as navigating, newspapers, etc.

Define your priorities and goals during the day,you save more than 50% of the way to manage your time more efficiently and more effectively.

Create a daily executive list that determines the daily right list,

consider that this list is realistic and appropriate, it has no sense to adapt big goals and cannot reach them. Of the same kind it will not only feel frustrated, but can lead you to despair and stop working because you think it doesn’t matter how difficult you will do, you will not complete these tasks in time.
This list also needs recreational and rest times, family times, etc. Include. It is true that the performance of job tasks is your basic “frog” but still subject to work pressure without rest or relaxation. The following days, and in general, any list of your daily or weekly achievements. You must balance your professional life with your family and free time.

Be prepared to treat times of boredom and Tintina,

how wonderful your plan is, you can be bored or worry about anything, whether it’s a personal or professional thing, and all these feelings will conclude your mind from work so you Plan should include some activities. Who loves you who will conclude you from some negative feelings that restore your display, can run, run, listen to music or meditation to overcome feelings of boredom and anxiety, but notice these activities to Wasted to waste. Time, so you will not change them unless you have these feelings negativity and do your is limited to a period so you will return to complete your activities and tasks.

Distribution of time in workshops.

Tomato technical as Modyou can be the kind of person who cannot work continuously or because they become bored or focusing on a certain period, workshops will be an ideal solution to you. So let’s take that you work about 8 hours, so you can share the eight hours in multiple sessions, each session of 25 minutes and between each session, rest you for 5 minutes, and after every four sessions you rest for 20 minutes . This method is called “tomato-technique” or Pomodoro, and it is a method developed by the Italian “Francesco Cirillo” as an effective solution to improve the focus for long hours.

Use technology to manage your time with the distribution of remote work culture,

has emerged many technical resources and intelligent applications to help people who work on a distance, to manage their time successfully and effectively, because these applications help you to control during working hours and determine which activities take longer than others, and they also send your warnings to fulfill the tasks during the times you pre-defined and also prepare reports on the size of your daily or weekly achievements, and some Some of them calculate final marks for you, and the most important of these applications are: The ToggG application to manage and organize time, the repair request to control your daily performance and to follow your reach, the application to make a list to make Organize tasks, there is a program to manage tasks. , Teams and Organizing Time.

In closing. Remember that with some simple steps your 24-hour daily quota can change into a large list of professional and personal achievements, and if you seem to be difficult to make sure your sense of this will not last long , especially after you see your list of achievements, because it grows daily, even and if it costs you at the beginning, “eat frog. “

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