Google launches artificial intelligence guide in Arabic in collaboration with the Institute of Oxford Internet


Today, Google announced the launch of a special guide on the basis of artificial intelligence in the Arabic language, in collaboration with “Oxford Internet Institute”, a number of simple and short explanations to help everyone understand the entries of technology and its mechanism action. This step gave a large jump for Arabic content on artificial intelligence.

Google says artificial intelligence research has registered a continuous increase in the search engine in the Middle East and North Africa in recent months. This is explained by the growing number of jobs that require a certain level of technical knowledge.

The site is available in Arabian from today and contains more than 26 topics on artificial intelligence and accessible from the link: HTTPS://Atzofai. Medghoogle. Com/Intl/ar/.

It is also available in English and other different languages, and the content will be updated permanently because of the rapid changes in this technical field.

Here are useful facts about artificial intelligence found on the interactive website:

  • Many of the practical tools are based on artificial unique intelligence

called all computer systems trained to simulate intelligent human behavior, and we will find it in many daily lives, either to help us arrange images of intelligent phones or design for example a business trip. These technologies use a computer schedule to achieve tasks that require man’s great intellectual work, which facilitates our lives together with the large technical advances identified in the last decade, thanks to the growing speed of computers, and technologies such as “auto-technology appearance” learning “.

  • Learn about the actual examples

learn from actual examples such as children and trained using “data sets” containing a wide range of examples such as meteorological information, photos, music and much more. The creation and filtration of these groups can be difficult to give a large size and complexity. Each data set is Atlas consisting of complete maps covering the entire solar system. Consequently, the design teams of the AI-System share information intentionally aim to enrich the scientific community and facilitate cooperation with research opportunities.

  • The availability of incomplete information can lead to the fact that AI SystemsIF files are not integrated and complete

this may lead to the BIASs of the algorithms, and therefore the systems may initiate the results of this information. And since the intelligence systems only learn the information, they may end up with the reduction of the prestigate and asymmetric data of the original data. For example, if you are using AI, Identify your shoes, but only look like tennis pictures, this system can not teach that heels, sandals or boots are shoes. This is the reason why programmers are planning their system and to carefully organize their information to ensure that AI systems do not provide biased and opaque results.

  • Artificial intelligence can help detect “Peffaures”

Deephakes programs work in researching a true sound or image, analyzing this voice or describe in detail And manipulates them to create fakes that are very close to reality. However, there are some signs that false content can be distinguished from the actual content that AI can detect.

  • AI system is impossible to think that human

Google, it shows that artificial intelligence technology will never be able to understand the way the person thinks. Although it could offer these systems to all available information in the world, they still unable to understand or answer anywhere in the world because people use a complicated and multi-dimensional approach to the idea and interaction that differs in a large measurement of an information system that is used for machines to learn. And since artificial intelligence systems are trained and controlled by people, each of us can choose how to interact with AI systems and what information they want to share with them.

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